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Enter the World of Christopher Drummond…

christopher drummond headshot optYou heard about the guy who hails from Flint, Michigan right?  No…good guess…but not talking about Michael Moore, filmmaker and activist.  We are discussing Christopher Drummond, the other native son. His story goes like this: boy models, boy works as a makeup artist, boy starts make-up line. The Christopher Drummond line is all about real ingredients and making healthy choices in regards to beauty and being right for different shades of skin. Being bi-racial (part Black/part Italian), he certainly is cognizant of this.

According to Christopher Drummond: “Since we do not add titanium dioxide (an opaque white mineral) to our products, you get true color matching without any ashiness, and four colors work on virtually all skin tones, so you don't have to work your way through 12 shades and still find that none work.  We are very proud of the fact that our products actually look amazing on ethnic skin colors.”


Providence StyleWeek Looks

KS optYou know it is said that make-up has to be applied differently for pictures, television, and regular day-to-day appearances.  That is somewhat true yet some basic rules always apply.  You need to start off with hydrated skin and chap free lips.  Get rid of excess oil by using oil blotting paper on the T zone.  Blend properly with foundations and powders.  Most importantly, know the look you are going for prior to applying. 

JAmuffs optMy first fashion show of 2012 is opening night at Providence StyleWeek.  The packed room in the JAfinale optBiltmore Hotel has ornate red curtains and the requisite large chandelier that hangs above the runway.  The music starts and thin models come out wearing dresses by Jessica Abernethy and sport white earmuffs with their hair tied back. This hairstyle shows off their necks, cheekbones, and the impression is of white skin brought out by blush and red lipstick. My interest in the clothing is equal to my interest in the make-up.  Nice 50 50 split.


Letting Go…

The dim overhead lights cast a shadow on the people chattering and mingling at the Stuff party held at Descent.  “Would you like a makeover?” someone asked me last Thursday and then beckoned to a corner where the ladies from the Naz Kupelian Salon in Lexington had set up their gear.  Thus, it was how I came to be sitting in a chair while Tamara re-touched my make-up. 

Make-up Tips from Tamara:

  • If your brushes contain real hair, shampoo and condition the brushes to keep them in tip top shape
  • Mix, mix, colors!  Don’t be satisfied with one color. 
  • Experiment!  Blush can be used on cheeks and vice versa
  • Create better cheeks by sweeping the color below the apple of the cheeks in an upward motion
  • Eyeshadow primer makes a great concealer too
  • Smashbox is a great line! 

StuffThen, Wafaa made my locks glossy and soft by straightening and applying product to my unruly hair that only got worse due to the rainy weather.  What is relaxing about someone doing your hair or make-up is that is pleasant to let others take the reins sometimes and just be taken care of. Of course I can do it myself and usually do but the fun lies in the occasional pampering. 

Stuff2 opt

Wahaa and I discussed how washing hair everyday is damaging and B-A-D!  I admitted that long ago I used to do it twice day and then realized I was drying out my scalp. Now, I wash my hair every other day and try to sometimes just condition it if shampoo is not needed. Heeding the 'don't use scalding water' rule is harder as I enjoy the higher temperatures when bathing.  


Thy Dermis

skate68Partaking in ice-skating outings and theme parties are fun pastimes in the winter months, but somewhere in the social whirl the persistent inner “you have to think about skin maintenance” voice reminds me that you are only as good as your last facial.  Of course, this is not saying we shouldn’t be doing certain treatments and masks at home, but who really will give themselves an extraction and massage on a regular basis? Or do it correctly?

A disclaimer that facials are generally not ‘relaxing’ for me as my skin is sensitive and prone to break outs.  A lot of the allotted time is spent steaming my pores and getting rid of pesky blackheads etc.  But, my skin feels re-born after leaving and looks better after a night of rest.

Here’s another question to ponder.  How many people do you know who will not spend money on decent lotions or facials claiming budgetary constraints, but then blow a significant chunk of their money on coffee and mixed drinks each month?  Two things that dry out the skin? 

How about really making an investment in yourself and your dermis?  Once past the quarter century mark, differences in one’s body and skin are apparent. Skin thins.  Dark circles can appear…darker.  And, don’t fall for the “you look so young” line, people automatically deduct 5 years when guessing ages!  So, if they say, you look 28, they mean you look at least 33! All we can hope is to look good for our age

Mandarin smallerIn order to obtain some information on what is out there, Karen Aleksich, spa treatments manager at Mandarin Oriental, answered some of my questions about the Oriental meridian massage and use of aromatherapy in their Signature Spa Therapies.  According to Karen, “The meridian lines work as pathways through the body carrying energy and vitality to different areas of the body. Pressure is placed on key points of these pathways to release the "energy blocks" giving a sense of well being and balance. This balance and harmony within the body allows for focus, clam, energy and clarity of thought.”  Sounds appealing to you harried workaholics out there with the dull complexion? 


Re-evaluating Soy

Yuthica-Fireplace.smallerMy prior experience with soy candles was not positive.  It was my belief that while soy was better environmentally, the produced fragrance and overall quality of such candles were not up to par. Disappointment led to mistrust.  And someone please tell me why some candles cost the equivalent of a swanky meal?

Then, new company Yuthica came along to help me regain my trust.  This line’s candles are hand made in North Andover, Massachusetts by founder Chinku Mahindra. The travel candles are $12, the 8 oz Glass Candle is $16, and the Double Dipp candle is $30. They are available in select stores or online.


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