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Advice from Howard

aviary 3Acne is not a favorite topic for anyone.  Perhaps worse, those that suffer from adult onset flare-ups also have to contend with the signs of aging as a sort of double whammy sucker punch.  In response to this need, Murad has come out with a line of Anti-Aging Acne products. Dr. Howard Murad, a board-certified dermatologist, founded the line in 1989.


Eau de Smelling Lovely: Some Fragrance Faves

Choosing a signature scent can be a deeply personal endeavor and indicative of your greater personality.  It is important to test (did I say TEST?) a fragrance because a scent reacts to your body chemistry differently.  Five minutes or an hour often make a huge difference.  This was highlighted to me recently when I almost splurged on an appealing bottle and brand that caught my eye but widely decided to wait twenty minutes prior to purchasing. While wandering around the store, the scent quickly started to take on undesirable musty soap smells on my wrist. Keep in mind that scent choices should vary as much as your make-up does. So go ahead and mix it up each day or week!

aviary 6Lush's Tuca Tuca scent has been my overall day scent these past three months as the hints of violet, vanilla, and ylang ylang were both clean and appealing when mixed with my body chemistry and a great day smell.  It is interesting that it comes in a solid stick but I like to spray on my scents.

$29.00 for 30ml perfume/ $10.95 for 9ml atomizer/ $8.95 for solid stick



Somme-ary of a Traveler

aviary 1One of the challenges of traveling is how to take care of your oh-so-delicate skin on the road.  Recent trips this past summer to Haiti and Minnesota highlighted this to me as I battled heat, pesky mosquitoes, and some dryness.  The Somme’s Institute Mobile Travel Kit is now going to accompany me on all my upcoming trips.  All I need in my skin care arsenal is contained within the easy-to-follow number system on the five containers.  We need to break this down to the cellular level sometimes, right?


Morning Routine

Who hasn't felt that Monday morning sigh coming on as the alarm clock makes that awful noise to wake you up? Me too. This week as a matter of fact!  Any products that help you in the morning is a good thing right? And grooming is a big part of getting ready to face the world.

WeledaSaltToothpaste 1_opt_1

Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste will make you enjoy brushing every morning and night.  The “refreshing taste” first impressed the savvy suburban tester who deemed this “a fine product” but she also remarked that the after taste made her feel wonderful and she slept much better. I was also impressed with how clean, refreshing it made my whole mouth feel-like it was both a paste and an anti-bacterial rinse in one!


Evening Eyes

Sometimes, people tell me that they think I look better au naturel. But, to me, going out means looking polished and making an effort. Eyes are one of the most noticeable features on the face, and make-up is a fun way to alter one’s look in an easy swoop. Here are 4 easy ways to accomplish dramatic eyes with the aid of Tarte’s arsenal: lock and roll, aqua gel eyeliner, emphasEYES (clay shadow), and 10, a collector’s palate of ten gorgeous shades.


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