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Jo on the Go's Beauty Blog

Beauty For All Budgets!

Holidays should be about love, celebration, and laughter.  Think about all the triumphs and lessons 2011 brought to your door. Does it really matter if you are stuck somewhere and have to wait five minutes longer in a line?  Don’t let the things out of your control affect you to the point that you lose sight of the big picture. It is more important to spend time with the important people in your life giving of yourself fully and joyfully without negative energy surrounding you. 

If you need some beauty products for Christmas gifts or have a birthday, anniversary, or occasion to shop for, here are some beauty suggestions that I have grouped by price from essenceEOSShiseidoYuthica, LushTarte, and Diptyque.  Even gifts to yourself can be part of this equation!  I particularly like gifting beauty products and fragrances, as they are both a way to say ‘I thought of you’ and ultimately are useful to the recipient. 

Under $5

ess GelEyeliner_smallerThe gel eyeliner ($3.49) from essence, a German brand, gives me a polished look and has become a surprise ess GelEyelinerBrush_smallerfavorite of mine.  This line is relatively new to the US market but is sold all over Europe. You will need to pick up the gel eyeliner brush ($2.99) to apply and have a good make-up remover at night.  Get yours in black and purple and be an early adaptor!

Under $10

HolidayPack.smallerThe EOS Holiday Lip Balm Collection ($8.99) might resemble at first glance three adorable Easter Eggs but they are all about keeping your lips happy.  The organic balms come in Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint and Passion Fruit flavors in a nice box.  Why not pick up a few boxes for the time you don't have a gift ready and need something fast? 

Shiseido Honey CakesmallerShiseido is bringing back their Honey Cakes for the holidays!  At only $7.50, it is an ideal stocking stuffer available in ruby red and green.  The French-milled soap looks festive in the green container when I take it out to wash my face at night. They are offering free gift wrapping with any order and free shipping with any $50 purchase


The Allure of Red Flower

Yael Headshot smallerDid you know that Yael Alkalay, founder of Red Flower, sent me a canister of organic lavender flower tea?  candle“You shouldn’t have Yael!” But I do appreciate it.  Well, technically, she had someone send me stuff-you know how these things go. After drinking copious amounts of the soothing lavender, mint, and rosemary concoction in record time, my hydrated and relaxed state enables me to relax as I work late into the night.  The Japanese Peony candle burns; thus, the fragrance of peony reaches my nostrils while lily of the valley and bulgarian rose swirl pleasantly around too.  Lady Gaga can be heard in the background.   


Come on Down to Threla!

Threlasmaller optMy visit a few weeks ago to Threla, the charming little shop/lab of entrepreneur Tseh-Hwan Yong, reminded me of previous jobs in research labs. The space was cozy, orderly, and white.  The shop is in East Cambridge, a quick walk from the Lechmere T Station.

Tseh-Hwan and I chatted about how she, a MIT PhD recipient, came to own Threla. She shared, “I am quite a product junkie and have always been drawn by the scents, ingredients, and formats of beauty and personal care products. When I was in grad school, I used to joke with my lab mates that we should create a miracle skin cream based on the research we were doing.  The miracle skin cream didn't quite materialize but I continued to be intrigued by the idea of one day making my own products”

Three years ago Tseh-Hwan finally ditched research and started Threla. The line includes items for the body, lip, and face. Meeting a fellow product junkie like Tseh-Hwan is always fun! Not to mention coming back with goodies from her shop always puts me in a good mood.  I like that the Threla items are locally made, not mass-produced, and the ingredients aren’t full of dreaded parabens and other chemicals. 


Foot Love Time and the Consequences of Laziness

Stepping Stones_opt

After unpacking from a recent visit to Chicago, I plopped down on my couch. Time to face facts.  What I had been avoiding was before me: neglected feet and heels full of serious layers of rough skin. Even though it is now colder weather time and therefore easier to cover up with boots, tights, and socks, it was nevertheless embarrassing that I had let my calluses get so bad.

The ideal of pedicure perfect feet is hard when all the other maintenance to do’s have priority during my nighttime routine.  I can hardly skip removing eye make-up or washing my face people!  Yes, I know it is just a matter of starting and then keeping up, but easier said than done.  Then, poof you wake up and realize laziness has created unattractive chicken feet.  Am I making excuses?


Fall Favorites

Fall is more than foliage, breathing in crisp air, apple picking with friends, and cider donuts to munch on. It is about the end of summer and a way to re-examine the go-to-products in your bag.  Also, time to start thinking about the winter needs of your hands and face. 

Here are my picks for the fall from Weleda, Jemma Kidd, La Mer, and Dr. Jart based on convenience, quality, and aesthetics:

weleda creamThe two male testers used products from the Weleda men's line for a month.  The first tester remarked about the Weleda Moisture Cream, "This product is so subtle it can be used as daily face cream. I didn't feel slightly concerned about being overly metrosexual either. Not sure how Weleda pulled that off."  According to the other male tester, the Weleda Shaving Cream "is really nice and there is no irritation.  It seems great for sensitive skin and the smells of these products are good.  Nothing overpowering, just a subtle and fresh herbal scent."


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