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AsianBostonTV Business Spotlight

AsianBoston TV's Leo's Picks Segment on Russo's Market in Watertown...


"This morning I was going through produce in my household's refrigerator. It occurred to me that the bok choy and the Napa cabbage are as fresh today as on the day we bought them at Russo's over a week ago. I am not sure how Russo does it but all their Asian vegetables stay fresh much longer than the ones from local or Chinatown supermarkets. Maybe it's the care Russo's workers give to the produce by not tossing them around and bruising them. It could also be the fastidious cleanliness of Russo's vast and insect-free produce aisles. Leo provided a great service to the Boston Asian community by reporting about this excellent source for high quality and affordable Asian foodstuffs. Thank you for informing us all about Russo's Market in Watertown." Larry Chung

Annette Chu

"Thank you so much for organizing the AsianBoston Reunion Party tonight. I wasn't able to fully thank you for everything you've done for us models. It is because through everything you've done, I'm realizing how to become a better model and a better human being as well. Everyone I've met through Asian Boston has been different, distinct, fun, and kind. I was really glad to reconnect with some of the people from the fashion show and continue to meet new people who were connected to the show. I sometimes can't get over the fact it was about three months ago when we met on the train, and you asked me if I was interested in modeling. Of course, it was a thrilling, exciting, yet scary thing I've gotten myself into since I've never done modeling before. I just hope that I will always remember to thank you after everything you've done (not only for me), but for everyone in AsianBoston as well. I'm proud and glad to see AsianBoston growing into what it is today. I hope to continue to model for you in some upcoming events in 2011. ;). Once again, I hope you had a great time tonight and I hope to see you soon!"

David Chen

"It was nice meeting you in the two galleries, your magazine is impressive and I am happy to see a well designed magazine specializing in the Asian community. Please keep in touch and keep me informed about your new issues."

Michelle Jin

"I really enjoyed the ABMG presentation. It is very special and sure is one of its kind in the entire Asian community. I really respect your work. I am also very interested in joining the family. I saw that you have a modeling agency as well. I have more than 3 years of modeling experience in China and US. I would love to learn more about ABMG. Thanks."

Kyanna Her

"I just want to thank you for forwarding the email to me about the Asian Pacific Dancers. It went well. The girls had fun. Leo, you are doing a great job. You should know that with you being a part of the Asian community and working with us really helps others to recognize the Asian community more in many other ways. Not only that, but I also believe you have helped bring the connections and relations of different Asian ethicity together more. Maybe not all of them now, but slowly it is happening as I have seen it myself. I mean, from my personal expererienc as an Asian, sometimes we get too comfortable with our own Asian ethincity such as Hmong, Laos, Thai, Chinese and etc., that we only stick to our own kind. We forget to involve ourselves with other Asian ethicities. In addition, your name is getting around respectively, and the Asian community likes what you do. Anyway, my point is you are doing a great job."

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