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My ‘Good Hair’ Moment

imgresWhen my nephew remarks offhandedly “You have nice hair,” it made me have that predictable ah-so-cute moment because only a three year old can deliver compliments like that.   Besides being way too adorable, his words made me remember…I do not in fact always have good hair and can have ‘dry spells’ that seem to last forever.  I wish my hair could look like 1/10 as nice as the locks on Paula Patton.  

My friend J and I were discussing hair care products recently.  J said that she totally uses products marketed toward African American women as they work well for her tend-to-be-dry red locks and have reasonable price points to boot.  When asked for specific product recommendations, she said: “Nothing that I can think of.  I just tend to go to that section and read the labels for all of the different types of
Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner 1 opt
conditioner and pick what I think will work best.”

My hairdresser has Motions products in her station, and recently an African American friend tested some products too for another piece.  Thus, I choose Motions’ Lavish Conditioning Shampoo ($4.99) and Moisture Plus Conditioner ($3.99) because I like to try different brands in order to expand my hair care arsenal and the cost won't break the budget.  My first time washing and conditioning my hair was like every other experience: normal.  My hair is soft right as I air-dry it. 

Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo 1 optToday, I spend some extra time on the conditioning and use double the amount. This is what happens to me.  I accidentally ingest some conditioner during the rinsing part.  The silicone taste is unpleasant, it seems to coat my teeth, and I am coughing too. My hair is very soft afterwards. 

Another Caribbean-American tester tries out the products too.  Her feedback is overall positive: “I liked the smells of the products.  I liked the conditioner, it was very thick which I liked because usually conditioners are more on the liquidy side and you have to use a lot.  I also liked how it made my hair soft immediately after applying to more hair.  And my hair didn't tangle when I combed it.  However, I wished it didn't have some ingredients that are harmful like the sodium lauryl sulfate.”