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Like that gal Cleopatra

Cleopatra optGold intrigued the ancients and in modern times continues its reign. Through the centuries, the
multi-faceted nature of this precious resource is shown in its uses. It has been worn, sometimes eaten, functions as a decorative element for art and architecture, and used in skin beautification.  Cleopatra is said to have used a gold facial mask to improve her skin’s luminosity. Great civilizations and cultures have been destroyed for the sake of this metal. The 1848 California Gold Rush changed the historical landscape of the US and impacted the economy in many significant ways.  

It is reported that the fierce Boudicca, queen of the Iceni, wore a gold medallion boud optand necklace into battle.  My own personal experiences with gold are both common and uncommon.  First piece of gold jewelry was a wee little baby bracelet worn for pictures and since stored in a safety deposit box.  Then, a gold cross necklace was gifted to me at the age of nine. Despite gold jewelry being a little out of fashion now with the masses, it will make a comeback - even in my own jewelry repertoire. I have tasted edible gold on top of a carrot cake cupcake and thought it tasted interesting in that it had no discernible taste.  I can even claim that gold bars saved my family tree in that it procured plane tickets to flee a bombed city.

Once a week, a nightly ritual takes place in which I follow ancient traditions of Queens and such privileged individuals.  I open the box, unscrew the gold jar with domed top, and apply a small bit of the gel like substance unto my clean face.  Then, using a circular motion on my visage (think gentle massage not rub, rub, rub) the
intended effect takes place.  Voila!  The dead skin comes off in little clumps that are oddly refreshing and interesting. Oro Gold’s 24K Deep Peeling ($128 excluding tax) does in fact contain 24 Karat Gold (nano gold) along with Green Tea, Ascorbic Acid, and Tocopheryl Acetate. Three weeks into my gold experience, the radiance of my skin is returning. It had started to look dull from stress and the dry spots from wind irritation that had sprouted were unwanted.  Yesterday, the first thing I did after being away for a week was shower, clean my face, and use the peel.  It is comforting to know that I have this product around.  

Also, I obtained small samples of the 24K Golden Peeling Body Butter ($68 excluding tax) and OroIIthe 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream ($138 excluding tax) since only mentioning one product from this line seems a tad inconclusive.  I took them with me to a trip to Tuscany and applied on my skin there after my morning shower.  Both white lotions went on smooth and didn't feel greasy.  The moisturizer rested nicely on my face prior to my foundation application while the body butter made my legs feel soft.  The 1.5 applications I did of both were the start of something positive.  

Yes, I want you too to have the complete Oro Gold experience.   Be sure to get your products directly from the store as there are many fakes and/or imitators out there.  The Copley Mall location, the only Boston store of this American company, has most of the product lines.  You might know the store as the sales associates stand outside the entrance to hand out samples of the lotions.  Usually, I am on my way somewhere or rushing to meet a friend.  Thus, don’t stop to try anything, but one time I did and was impressed by the peel that works gently and powerfully to slough off dead layers. Hence this beauty piece.  Note that the sales associates are persistent.  Even going once solely to just look around and try some products and be immersed in the store vibe, had me peppered with questions like "Can I help you?" or "When did you get your peel?"