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Kai’s Triple Threat

“What do you think?” I whisper conspiratorially to J indicating my hands as we wait for “The Hunger Games” to
start rolling.  The kai body lotion ($37) I am applying has a light scent due to the shea butter, apricot kernel oil, cucumber fruit extract, lavender extract, and safflower seed oil.  He sniffs and smiles.  “Nice,” J tells me in response to my inquiry.  The habit of applying lotion as I sit on the bus, in movie theatres is well known by my friends but the last few weeks finds me applying this scent over and over.

I like the overall subtle, consistent, yet light fragrance that reaches my nose and doesn’t clash with any perfumes that I happen to be wearing. And doesn’t have a hint of that overpowering fruit smell some brands have. Gaye Straza, founder, told me: “safflower seed oil acts as a protective barrier to help skin retain moisture. It is used in body care as a lubricant to soften dry skin and smooth roughness.”

Only a week before, during a meeting, another co-worker walks into the office to give us an important message.  She sniffs in surprise, “Its smells nice…like flowers in here!”  The randomness of compliments directed toward me are interesting as is the knowledge that both Pink, and Maria Shriver are among the celebrity fans. The list is long as I check out all the names.

The kai body wash ($37) is next used in the shower. This body wash contains vitamin e, vitamin a, vitamin c, comfrey extract, cucumber fruit extract, lemon extract, carrageenen extract, ivy extract, and dog rose extract.  Then, the lotion is rubbed on my legs and as a final touch the kai perfume oil ($48) is applied.  It comes in a small roll-on vial.  Dabbing it behind my ears and on my wrists post shower nicely enhances the light scent from my hands.  The advice is to carry it in one’s purse; so, I will today as I head out before rewarding myself with yoga and then a game night/dessert thing.

Love how all products are free of-the unnecessary yet often still used-paraben, sulfate, and phthalate while the packaging is recyclable.  They have 14 other products and all are made in US.  Best of all, kai products are meant to be layered because the scents are complimentary. Just apply and wait for the compliments.