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Enter the World of Christopher Drummond…

christopher drummond headshot optYou heard about the guy who hails from Flint, Michigan right?  No…good guess…but not talking about Michael Moore, filmmaker and activist.  We are discussing Christopher Drummond, the other native son. His story goes like this: boy models, boy works as a makeup artist, boy starts make-up line. The Christopher Drummond line is all about real ingredients and making healthy choices in regards to beauty and being right for different shades of skin. Being bi-racial (part Black/part Italian), he certainly is cognizant of this.

According to Christopher Drummond: “Since we do not add titanium dioxide (an opaque white mineral) to our products, you get true color matching without any ashiness, and four colors work on virtually all skin tones, so you don't have to work your way through 12 shades and still find that none work.  We are very proud of the fact that our products actually look amazing on ethnic skin colors.”

Finale Neutro_optMy experiences with the #120 Justo/Fair Velvet Foundation, #195 Neutral Finishing Powder, Relache Ice eye shadow, and #205 Concealer are awesome because they look just right on and the result is  this soft, approachable, and ready to face appearance. The good color match is also great. 

Listen up! The Travel Kit for Men ($75) is awesome. Yes, I said TRAVEL KIT FOR MEN. In case you didn’t know, most politicians, actors, performers, and male models have a little ‘help’ from products. “Products like this didn't exist for men, so we decided to create the products,” he shares. The real secret is perhaps that many more men wear stuff than you suspect. Christopher Drummond told me, “We created it because as a man, I was looking for a product that would make my acne prone skin look better, absorb oil, not look ‘makeup-y’, and was also all natural and good for acneic skin.”

Veludo Creme_sml_optDo you recall seeing pictures of the now ex Mr. Ashley Simpson? Pete Wentz looked cool when he sported eyeliner.  I personally don’t think it a biggie if any guy wants to wear eyeliner or nail polish because a lot of them actually look interesting with it on and what we consider normal male grooming is simply passed down social conditioning.

image001 1 optThere is a special going on right now if you want to buy some products. Like the Christopher Drummond Beauty page on Facebook to receive a 15% discount online.  Finally, yes, to satisfy your curiosity about Flint social circles....Christopher Drummond’s Dad knows Michael Moore.