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Providence StyleWeek Looks

KS optYou know it is said that make-up has to be applied differently for pictures, television, and regular day-to-day appearances.  That is somewhat true yet some basic rules always apply.  You need to start off with hydrated skin and chap free lips.  Get rid of excess oil by using oil blotting paper on the T zone.  Blend properly with foundations and powders.  Most importantly, know the look you are going for prior to applying. 

JAmuffs optMy first fashion show of 2012 is opening night at Providence StyleWeek.  The packed room in the JAfinale optBiltmore Hotel has ornate red curtains and the requisite large chandelier that hangs above the runway.  The music starts and thin models come out wearing dresses by Jessica Abernethy and sport white earmuffs with their hair tied back. This hairstyle shows off their necks, cheekbones, and the impression is of white skin brought out by blush and red lipstick. My interest in the clothing is equal to my interest in the make-up.  Nice 50 50 split.

dchumDavid Chum's models emerge with sleek looking slicked back ponytails that makes you want to get
extensions yesterday; so that you too can swing your locks back and forth as you strut around.  They look detached, dreamy in a fierce way that only eyes heavily rimmed with black eyeliner can achieve.

The girls in Jonathan Joseph Peters have flowing curly hair, look-at-me hair accessories, colorful clothing, JJP optand equal amounts of make-up on eyes, lips, and cheeks.  They remind me of colorful sprites full of energy and life.  This model (on the right) is gorgeous isn’t she?  Like she escaped from some palace because she is too bored to be caged in by walls and guards. 

KSII optBack a few days later for the January 26th show, the models in Israeli-American Karen Sabag’s show have lovely waves and a sophistication that the make-up gently emphasizes.  They look like socialites that know how to enjoy a drink or two while never forgetting how to seduce and charm.

Having a chance to chat with the adorable designer Candice Wu prior to her show made me notice her dramatic black eyeliner cw optand long eyelashes that highlight her almond shaped eyes.  My cousin won a few beauty pageants and so taught me how to apply false eyelashes and how to do it properly. My point is that it isn’t easy and requires a confident hand and P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E.

Candice Wu’s models all have short hair and wear black, so the eye naturally goes to the cut and tailoring CWu optof her dresses and the necklaces worn by the models. The hair, jewelry, and make-up are there to set the stage for the dresses and thus didn’t stand out.  The look is slightly bad girl edgy with boots.

The Toni Lyn Spaziano look is a sexy modern working girl in the Jackie O fashion. Lots of tweeds and other patterns.  Many of the girls had their hair up in chignons and their red lipstick emphasizes the ice queen glamour of their looks. 
BM opt
On Friday 27th, traffic is awful and it takes me two hours to arrive from Boston.  Thankfully the Karla Marie show doesn’t start right at 7pm and nothing is missed.  Think the red dress finale and red eyeshadow is very eye catching but would not translate to everyday life or even most evening looks.  That said, the earlier white dress looks are divine.

Aviation and 40s are the inspiration for the Brianna Moon clothes along with a dose of leather.  BMoon optWhile the black lipstick is also interesting, it doesn’t do more than emphasize and then startle. That might have been the point. However, love the beige colored gloves some of them wear.

The last show of the night is Harpy by Jen Greeke that is a nod to the 30s. The program has a picture of Jen who looks young, soft and innocent.  The hair on the models is up in a side chignon and elegant and the make-up is minimal.  My favorite is this purple frock with black detailing on the shoulder that could be easily worn to many a cocktail party or restaurant.  Some of the golf looks aren’t my thing.

JG optLulu Locks, Jessica Berndt, and Bethany Mechan have certainly done their due diligence to create looks full of inspiration and fantasy.  As a result, it is easy to clap loudly as the models leaves the stage. 

Adieu Providence StyleWeek!