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Letting Go…

The dim overhead lights cast a shadow on the people chattering and mingling at the Stuff party held at Descent.  “Would you like a makeover?” someone asked me last Thursday and then beckoned to a corner where the ladies from the Naz Kupelian Salon in Lexington had set up their gear.  Thus, it was how I came to be sitting in a chair while Tamara re-touched my make-up. 

Make-up Tips from Tamara:

  • If your brushes contain real hair, shampoo and condition the brushes to keep them in tip top shape
  • Mix, mix, colors!  Don’t be satisfied with one color. 
  • Experiment!  Blush can be used on cheeks and vice versa
  • Create better cheeks by sweeping the color below the apple of the cheeks in an upward motion
  • Eyeshadow primer makes a great concealer too
  • Smashbox is a great line! 

StuffThen, Wafaa made my locks glossy and soft by straightening and applying product to my unruly hair that only got worse due to the rainy weather.  What is relaxing about someone doing your hair or make-up is that is pleasant to let others take the reins sometimes and just be taken care of. Of course I can do it myself and usually do but the fun lies in the occasional pampering. 

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Wahaa and I discussed how washing hair everyday is damaging and B-A-D!  I admitted that long ago I used to do it twice day and then realized I was drying out my scalp. Now, I wash my hair every other day and try to sometimes just condition it if shampoo is not needed. Heeding the 'don't use scalding water' rule is harder as I enjoy the higher temperatures when bathing.  

Hair Tips from Wahaa  

  • Washing hair less is better (I agree!)
  • Dry Shampoo can be a useful tool.  Use hairdryer afterwards to create a fresh style
  • Make hair smooth and flat by using ceramic hair straighteners (I agree! Make the investment in a quality one)

My fave make-up trick is to put pencil eyeliner on top of my black liquid eyeliner to make my eyes pop.  The other is to apply first a neutral lipstick with liner and then keep building different colors to create a one-of-a-kind color that can never be replicated from one tube as I am mixing both shades and formulas. If I really want to look done up, then sweep a gloss over your lips.  

Everyone has some trick(s) they have picked up through trial and error.  Yeah, I have about a thousand and so have decided to put them all together in an e-book entitled "Beauty Tips and Tricks from Jo on the Go".  Coming soon!

Happy Pampering!

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