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Thy Dermis

skate68Partaking in ice-skating outings and theme parties are fun pastimes in the winter months, but somewhere in the social whirl the persistent inner “you have to think about skin maintenance” voice reminds me that you are only as good as your last facial.  Of course, this is not saying we shouldn’t be doing certain treatments and masks at home, but who really will give themselves an extraction and massage on a regular basis? Or do it correctly?

A disclaimer that facials are generally not ‘relaxing’ for me as my skin is sensitive and prone to break outs.  A lot of the allotted time is spent steaming my pores and getting rid of pesky blackheads etc.  But, my skin feels re-born after leaving and looks better after a night of rest.

Here’s another question to ponder.  How many people do you know who will not spend money on decent lotions or facials claiming budgetary constraints, but then blow a significant chunk of their money on coffee and mixed drinks each month?  Two things that dry out the skin? 

How about really making an investment in yourself and your dermis?  Once past the quarter century mark, differences in one’s body and skin are apparent. Skin thins.  Dark circles can appear…darker.  And, don’t fall for the “you look so young” line, people automatically deduct 5 years when guessing ages!  So, if they say, you look 28, they mean you look at least 33! All we can hope is to look good for our age

Mandarin smallerIn order to obtain some information on what is out there, Karen Aleksich, spa treatments manager at Mandarin Oriental, answered some of my questions about the Oriental meridian massage and use of aromatherapy in their Signature Spa Therapies.  According to Karen, “The meridian lines work as pathways through the body carrying energy and vitality to different areas of the body. Pressure is placed on key points of these pathways to release the "energy blocks" giving a sense of well being and balance. This balance and harmony within the body allows for focus, clam, energy and clarity of thought.”  Sounds appealing to you harried workaholics out there with the dull complexion? 

She continues, “Essential oils are deemed to be a more Western form of holistic therapy. By blending the East with West we can ensure our guests receive a true authentic all over holistic experience that will balance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit.” 

When discussing the Age Repair Facial, the most notable comments from Karen: “It is easier to prevent than reverse, male or female,” stays in my mind as it brings back a memory. Buying eye cream the first time was a tad discouraging as the sales lady clucked when it was admitted by me that this was my first jar.  “My daughter has been using cream since she was 18,” was her message to me while managing to look oh-so-concerned at my lack of effort.  Therefore, a then 25 year old went home looking in the mirror that night for possible crow’s feet.   It doesn’t escape me that a current bad habit of sleeping on my stomach is wrecking havoc on my face and the delicate skin around my eyes.

 MF“Our Age Repair Facial is a highly effective treatment aims to reduce the signs of aging without the use of harsh chemicals by using natural oils which stimulate collagen formation to deliver firm and tightened skin,” says Karen. “The anti-inflammatory properties of Pomegranate and Rosehip Seed oil meanwhile work on slowing down the effects of aging skin.  This facial is not just for those with signs of aging, it is also a wonderful facial for prevention and any age needs to be mindful of that. It is easier to prevent than reverse, male or female. We also pay particular care to the eye area as this is always the main area of concern.”

It is obvious to me what my birthday presents will have to be! Sign me up for the Age Repair Facial like yesterday.  The Age Repair Facial is 80 minutes and costs $195 on weekdays and $210 weekends.  The Signature Spa Therapies is 110 minutes and is $260 weekdays, $280 weekends. It is time to look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside.  2012 here I come!  

To book your own session, call (617) 535-8820 or email them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

Mandarin Oriental Boston
776 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02199